He extended his neck. Why it turns out and what to do

By Many people are familiar with the expression “blow your neck”, because despite the lack of mechanical damage to the sensation, a person is not experiencing pleasant ones.
It occurs most often when a large amount of not even very cold air enters the shoulder muscles, which causes inflammation that manifested by characteristic pains.
Moreover, most cases with this problem arise in the summer, when a person tries to “hide” from the heat or under air conditioning or under drafts.
Why is inflammation from this
As you know, in order to blow the neck not much, even in the summer, when the wind is warm from the window, and the air conditioner does not work much, therefore, to begin with, it is worthwhile to figure it out, which is why this is generally happening.
The mechanism of the problem is simple, the muscles after warming up very quickly cool, because of which a kind of village is, that is, a spasm appears, in which any load will lead to damage.
Given how sharply a person often turns his head, the muscles simply do not have time to relax sufficiently and damage (microcracks) appears in different quantities. If there are many of them, then the inflammatory process and small edema begins, which leads to all familiar state.
Infection that also cause inflammation in the muscles, and infections the simplest, colds, but for the cervical/shoulder muscles, this is much less common.
In what cases should you seek help
This is not to say that the pain in the neck is a dangerous phenomenon, it is simply unpleasant enough, a little constraints the usual movements, and it actually hurts for a long time, but there are situations when the problem is as if exacerbating and then you need to seek help.
You need to consult a doctor if:
• The pain occurred after a mechanical injury or damage.
• The neck cannot be rotated normally, as if it had become wooden.
• If, in addition to pain, a person feels nausea, vomiting and high sensitivity to light.
• The pain is very felt regardless of whether a person moves a neck or not.
• There is an increase in lymph nodes.
• The pain lasts more than a few weeks.
As for the usual situation, it will help to alleviate the condition:
• compress (warm or cold) - you will have to choose depending on which compress will show itself more effectively.
• Simple painkillers - it will reduce the pain and slightly reduce inflammatory processes.
• Use ointment - it can be either warming or cooling, which will reduce pain and relax the muscles.
All possible methods of treatment should be used alternately, but not all together, so as not to worsen the situation. This is especially true for the ointment, which some manage to apply under the compress, but this can greatly damage the skin, therefore, experimenting in such a vein is not recommended.
Otherwise, the person can only wait for the muscles to recover on their own. https://digitalleadership.com/unite-articles/value-proposition-canvas/