Tholstrup is a family owned business that started in 1972 by Peter Tholstrup. Common to our very different restaurants is the passion for quality, seasonal foods, and the value of enjoying a meal in good company. We want to hold on to culinary traditions and be open to cultural developments at the same time.

It is an important part of our DNA to take our responsibility seriously. This includes the quality of food we serve, the environment, positive development and people.

It is our responsibility to take care of our world – the land we walk on and our surroundings. Therefore, our products are healthy, clean and additive free.

Our kitchens create food based on a comprehensive seasonal calendar to make sure we use produce of the highest quality, support local producers and reduce transportation and food waste. With more than 60 menu changes per year our menus are always seasonal.

Our most important resource is our employees. Through education and a positive working environment we strive to realize the full potential of each employee. We expect everyone to respect each other – this applies to colleagues as well as guests.

Why we joined REGA
As a member of REGA we wish to increase our focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility throughout the value chain. This applies both to our restaurants, but also our suppliers, guests, employees and colleagues in the industry. We believe that we can achieve greater results when joining forces. Tholstrup has always strived to contribute to society. Therefore, we are looking forward to be among the first to ensure a high standard of engagement within corporate social responsibility in the industry.

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Human Rights

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