REGA for employees

REGA for employees

What does REGA mean for you?

With REGA (Restaurateurs’ Guarantee Association), you will be able to recognize that your employer is working towards greater systematisation and transparency around the company’s corporate social responsibility. This means it will be easier for you to identify what you can be proud of in the company that you are an important part of.

As a member of REGA, your company has committed to putting a sharp focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is about social responsibility, responsibility towards the environment, and economic responsibility. These are the three bottom lines your company will work with within CSR.

The ambition is that you experience a working culture that feels safe and dignified, making it even more meaningful to work in the restaurant industry.

How are human rights relevant to you?

All people in the world have the same human rights. States are responsible for protecting your rights so that you can enjoy them. There is a difference between the state that protects your rights through legislation, and companies that ensure respect for your rights through the way they operate. With REGA, your company focuses specifically on respecting your, your colleagues', the guests' and neighbours'  human rights.

You and your employer should continually assess both the recognized and potential problem areas surrounding your work and working conditions.

This could for instance be your right to a safe and healthy working environment. Your employer should pay attention to the working environment at your place of work, and he or she should consistently work to improve it so that the risk of injury or accident is minimized. In other words, you employer should continually take measures to prevent adverse impacts on your right to a safe and healthy work environment.

Your employer should also address your right not to be subject to discrimination. This means that they must take responsibility for no employee being treated differently because of their skin colour, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political conviction among other factors.

What do I have to do?

As an employee you will be involved. You are an important part of your company. None of the new initiatives to improve the business and promote sustainability can be undertaken without you. As such you will be continuously involved in the work on corporate social responsibility.

When it comes to human rights, your employer cannot possibly know anything about whether you and your colleagues experience adverse impacts on your human rights without you telling them about it. It may be that your employer will ask you via a general satisfaction questionnaire whether you have experienced discrimination, directed at you personally or at others.

When it comes to reducing adverse impacts on the environment, this cannot be done unless you play along. Your employer needs you to help the company be sustainable.

When it comes to anti-corruption, your employer cannot see everything by itself. Therefore, it is important that you tell your employer if you experience anything untoward.

 You can help make your business and industry even more sustainable and you can be proud of it.

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