About REGA


REGA is a mark of quality assurance that reflects and guarantees high standards which make the industry front runners within CSR, nationally and internationally. At REGA, we believe that raising the bar on CSR will create an increased sense of trust in the industry, happier employees and even more satisfied customers.

REGA is an ambitious pioneer project that will create a solid foundation for a leap forward in the industry’s work with CSR. It will also result in an even more focused and systematized way of working with CSR that the industry has not witnessed to date. With REGA, the restaurant industry is taking a leading role in showing how an entire industry can work together to not only raise its own CSR profile but also raise others.

With REGA a best practise model is created which sets out both how the restaurant industry can best run responsible and sustainable businesses, and how companies across the industry can work together in a joint initiative that has corporate social responsibility in focus.

REGA collaboration does not only provide a guarantee for those who enter into the agreement, it also raises the bar for partners and other stakeholders. As such, the collaboration has an indirect impact on many actors in the industry.


Members of REGA are committed to signing up to the UN Global Compact and to living up to the UN and OECD’s minimum standards for responsible business conduct (UN Guidelines for Human Rights and Business and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises). This means that members of REGA work together and focus on improving the company’s social, environmental and economic bottom line. In this way, respect for human rights, the environment, and a focus on anti-corruption are guaranteed.

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Human Rights

Corporate social sustainability includes respect for human rights. Read more about what this means for the restaurant industry.


Environmental sustainability is about reducing our impact on the environment and the climate. Read more about what this means for the restaurant industry.


Economic sustainability also includes a focus on fair trade. Read more about what this means for the restaurant industry.