The Farmer’s Choice Menu

From now on it will be the local farmers who, on a daily basis, select the raw ingredients served to guests that shall dictate the menu at the restaurant Antidote on Jægersborggade. In this way, local producers are more valued, sustainability is promoted, and the chef’s creative juices must flow.

Antidote re-opened on 1 May 2018 after a major spring refurbishment – not only in the physical sense, but also in the psychological sense, namely in the mind-set of the restaurant. Since reopening, the menu has been planned according to the raw ingredients that the kitchen receives from local producers.

Antidote has co-operations with three smaller farms on Zealand that deliver seasonal organic and biodynamic vegetables to their doorstep each day. For Antidote, it is about mutual respect for the expertise that lies with the restaurateurs and the suppliers, and also about a common understanding of the value of sustainability.

“For the farmer, no one vegetable is more prestigious than another, and we reflect this in our kitchen. We believe that it is more respectful to acknowledge the farmers’ expertise. We believe strongly in this and trust that we receive fantastic produce from some great small farms,” says Executive Head Chef, Lennart Petersen.

The co-operation with the local farms is dynamic and the unpredictability regarding the choice of raw ingredients allows for the restaurants’ chefs’ who construct the menu to let their creative juices flow.

“It is an exciting way to run a kitchen. We are not trying to do anything super fancy, but rather concentrate on the individual raw ingredients. What you eat and taste is what you get, and that is good to know.”

The dream at Antidote is to cultivate a piece of land of their own. This demands that the relationships with their current and future suppliers grow and become even stronger. The restaurant is open to different initiatives and partners, but one thing is crystal clear for them: those initiatives and partnerships should be driven with passion by people who have their heart in the right place.

Love of Food and Wine who own Antidote are a part of REGA, a new industrywide initiative that works purposefully and ambitiously with corporate social responsibility. By participating in REGA, Love of Food and Wine commit to working systematically to prevent adverse impacts on our human rights, including those of employees, guests, and the general public, to reducing the adverse impacts on the environment and to sharpening the focus on anti-corruption.