Old Irish Pub

The very first Old Irish Pub opened its doors in 2013 in Roskilde just outside the Danish capital of Copenhagen. This medium-size Danish provincial town is where the Old Irish Pub-founders grew up and where the journey started.

Basically, Peder and Kristian Blak created a venue where they themselves – in their late 30s - would like to hang out and enjoy a beer in the company of good friends. Quickly they realized that plenty of people were looking for the exact same thing: something more than a cozy tavern and less than a euphoric nightclub – a pubclub. The interest in the Irish-inspired pub-style was so massive that even the founders were surprised.

Today the Old Irish Pub is Scandinavia’s largest chain of pubs and every single one of the 35 pubs is built by the same team in the same way with the same material. The quality, the atmosphere, and the surroundings are the same no matter where you come to visit, and you are always greeted by our dedicated employees.

Today the Old Irish Pub is a well-known brand, and we take pride in raising the bar and delivering a special and professional experience every time we open our doors. Our success is largely due to our wonderful and loyal employees, who ensure the quality that defines us. Our employees are part of the festivities and contribute actively to the special atmosphere. We are a family business and that characterizes our entire organization. We have a strong core, a very familiar tone, and great unity. Our guests can sense this, and the dedication of our employees is often noticed by our visitors.

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