Spare time jobs in the restaurant industry

Current partnership between Business House Copenhagen, Denmark’s Restaurants and Cafés and REGA to extend to FISKEN

REGA and the youth organisation FISKEN wish to highlight how important spare time jobs are for young people. Research (from Den Sociale Kapitalfond for instance) shows that young people who have a spare time job have better life outcomes than young people who don’t. The reason for this is that the spare time job improves the young person’s social, cultural and professional skills and makes them believe in themselves which in turn increases their chances of success in higher education.

According to the project co-ordinator at FISKEN, Lise Vindel, an increasing number of young people find out about FISKEN independently, and they are very keen and motivated to get a spare time job. They ask for advice about getting work. Vindel states that they are often motivated to get a job because it means that they can meet people they would not meet otherwise in their everyday. A job in industry can contribute to broadening their horizons and show them that the world can look very different depending on where you are sitting.

Through its relationship to DRC, REGA has direct and extensive contact to the restaurant industry and REGA restaurants. As such, REGA can inform FISKEN about job vacancies and help FISKEN establish contact to suitable candidates for particular positions. Under the new partnership agreement, consideration shall of course be given to the minimum age restriction (15 yrs) for employees who work at places that serve alcohol.

REGA member Cocks & Cows also focus on the younger generation with their project Young Stars, which you can read more about here.

FISKEN Spare Time Employment Agency is an openly accessible and free service for young people aged 13-24 years who have difficulties finding and getting spare time jobs by themselves. FISKEN Spare Time Employment Agency has more than 10 years’ experience with supporting and guiding young people with job searching and retaining employment. Over the years they have developed an effective approach to preparing young people for entering the labour market, whereby they learn about different rules, appropriate behaviours and their rights. Aside from this, the agency is a place for the young people to be and has a mentor project for over 18s.

Read more about FISKEN here.