Environmentally friendly whenever possible

Original Coffee make a difference by making socially responsible choices that are compatible to and possible for their business

Director, Jonas Skovsted-Overgaard, believes that as a company, Original Coffee should acknowledge every environmental footprint it makes and leaves behind. Only then is it possible to figure out how and where they can make a difference – both in relation to their own business and in relation to the products they sell.

“We will likely never be able to avoid our coffee being transported from Ethiopia or Colombia, and as a coffee bar, we will not survive if we do not offer our customers a good cup of coffee. This is why we are trying out sustainable solutions in other areas of the business,” says Jonas Skovsted-Overgaard.

Coffee deliveries from the other side of the globe will never be environmentally friendly, but at Original Coffee it is important to communicate openly and honestly about the process. At present the company has neither the resources nor the possibility to roast their own coffee so they partner with coffee roasters Kafferisteriet Kontra, who were founded on the principle of full transparency from when and where the seed is planted to the arrival of the cup of coffee at the table. Under the partnership agreement, original Coffee remains a part of the entire process with regard to the flavour of the coffee to how it is roasted so that the coffee fits to their flavour pallet. Jonas Skovsted-Overgaard believes that they can use their profile at REGA to support their partner in being socially responsible and following up on that commitment.

“As a member of REGA, we have committed to complying to various minimum standards and this also means requiring our partners to address the same issues.”

The coffee and not the bottled water is what defines Original Coffee as a business and a brand. Nonetheless, a year ago they decided to reduce their use of plastic in the coffee bars and serve tap water instead of water that comes in plastic bottles.

This train of thought and logic was also part of the rationale when they decided to change their juice supplier and go with Gro Juice. Gro Juice bottle their juice in recycled glass bottles, and they are environmentally aware when it comes to their product range as well. The raw produce is 100% organic and biodynamic. Also, in order not to compromise on quality and taste, Gro Juice use locally produced seasonal produce to the greatest extent possible.

Original Coffee are not out to make any grand gestures regarding sustainability – to the contrary. They believe that it is more about the company making an active choice and having the will to make positive changes wherever possible within their business.